13:16 /21.9.2020

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The strategic goal of implementing the policy in the field of quality:
By introducing and developing new approaches to flight safety management and passenger servicing quality, increase the number of served flights to 7,762 passengers and up to 500,000 passengers in 2018.

Principles of quality assurance:
A team of professionals - implements and develops European rules and standards of service of flights.

Quality system tasks:
  • Ensure a high level of flight safety and service quality, through responsible compliance with state requirements and international airport standards, and ensuring the required level of competence of staff;
  • Identify and analyze risks and opportunities to achieve targeted results and improvements, prevent inconsistencies and unwanted events;
  • Conduct a gradual transition of the company to the requirements of the European standards of airport activity;
  • Ensure the maintenance and maintenance of the existing airborne infrastructure and develop a strategy for upgrading and gradually updating its elements;
  • Implement innovative methods of collecting and analyzing information about customer satisfaction in order to control and improve the quality of services;
  • Arrange the work of development of the route network of flights from / through the International airport "Dnipropetrovsk";
  • Ensure the development of non-aviation services.

To realize all tasks of quality policy airports’ administration are responsible for:
  • Providing unity of goals and areas of activity, using a process approach in management, in accordance with the requirements and continuous improvement of the system's performance, quality management;
  • Ensuring performance of certification requirements for the aerodrome and structural subdivisions of the enterprise;
  • Ensuring the activity of the enterprise with all necessary resources for realization of the established strategic goals and tasks;
  • Ensuring conditions for increasing staff productivity and motivation;
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the system of internal information, document circulation and communication, openness and availability of quality information for all stakeholders.