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Achieving sustainable success in the long term by continuously meet the needs and expectations of customers, product development businesses through the effective use and improvement of the quality management system

Principles of quality assurance:

  • Focus on the customer: to know the current and future customer needs, meet their requirements and strive to exceed expectations;
  • Leadership: ensure unity of purpose and direction of the organization and support through initiative, commitment and dedication of managers and employees;
  • Involving staff: all employees involved in achieving the common goals of the enterprise and the contribution of each significant effect on product quality of the company;
  • Process and system approaches, activities of the company is regarded as one system identified and correlated processes, performance management, combination and interaction ensures the achievement of company goals and accountability as its product;
  • Continuous improvement: continuous improvement through the development of the airport each individual element;
  • Making decisions based on facts: effective decisions are always based on the analysis of data and information;
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with partners to create product value for the end customer.

Quality system tasks:

  • Ensure continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure consistently high product quality airport.
  • To ensure continued compliance process quality management system and regulations that govern their requirements of consumers, international standards and external regulations.
  • To achieve efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of production processes while maintaining a high level of product quality.
  • Pay full attention to the processes and technologies that define quality indicators of the company: safety, regularity and culture of customer service.
  • Reach involve the whole company personnel to acceptance, understanding and improving product quality and quality management system.
  • Conduct ongoing improvement of knowledge, training and skills.
  • To facilitate compliance with the requirements of all staff safety management systems and quality management, corporate culture and professional qualifications.
  • Maintain an understanding of each employee's own responsibility for the quality, performance and improvement of their work.
  • To achieve quality software resources each process quality management system.
  • Conduct regular monitoring and control of product quality, learning requirements and customer expectations.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9000 ensuring unity of purpose and direction and prepare a comprehensive transition of the company to European standards of airport activity.

To realize all tasks of quality policy airports’ administration are responsible for:

  • Providing customers with services that meet their requirements and the highest standards of airport activity.
  • Creating favorable conditions of work and professional development, respect for human support each employee and appropriate rewards for their hard work.
  • Design and implementation of an effective system of employee motivation.
  • Maintenance of the company with the necessary resources to implement the established strategic goals and objectives.
  • Development System process approach to business management team of like-minded professionals, based on the principles of trust and goodwill, honesty and openness, accountability to passengers, customers, partners, shareholders, colleagues.
  • Support and development of all processes in accordance with the certification requirements.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of internal information, workflow and communication openness and accessibility of information in the field of quality for all stakeholders.