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Dear tourists!

Before travel organized by the tour operator / travel agent, please read the contents of these recommendations, which are posted on the official sites of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, State Service, State Committee for Consumer Safety
When concluding a travel service agreement, please make sure that:
  • the tour operator must have a valid license and financial security (current information is available on the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade section "Activities-Tourism-Tour Operator-Licensed Registry")
  • the contract indicated the dates of departure and arrival;
  • the contract indicated information on the availability of a transfer from the airport to the hotel in both directions (in the case of the application of such a service);
  • the hotel answered the declared category and it was also indicated in the contract;
  • the terms for refusal of the tour and the conditions for the return of the funds were indicated;
  • each tourist had an individual insurance policy for medical care and from an accident;
  • A receipt for a tour or fiscal receipt was present.
On a journey, be sure to take with you:
  • a copy of the travel service agreement;
  • the original insurance policy for medical care and accident;
  • contacts of the tour operator (travel agent)
  • contacts of the diplomatic institution of Ukraine of the country in which you travel.
In case if the tour operator did not provide the declared services * for the protection of the infringed rights you have the right to apply with the State Committee for Proprietary Services by providing:
  • photo - video materials, a copy of the contract for tourist services;
  • settlement receipts of incurred expenses and the like.
In case if the tour operator violated the licensing conditions **, you have the right to apply to the Ministry of Economic Development, providing the supporting documents.
Violation of licensing conditions is considered:
non-delivery to a tourist:
  • contracts for tourist services or vouchers (if the contract is concluded by issuing a voucher)
  • Compulsory Compulsory (medical and accident insurance) insurance (except for the case of an independent conclusion of such an agreement by a tourist)
  • travel documents (tickets, including electronic tickets)
  • absence of contracts for tourist services with tourists or with travel agents, if contracts are concluded through them;
  • non-issuance of payment documents confirming the tourist's arrival to the cashier of the tour operator of the cost of tourist services (fiscal check, receipt)
  • absence of the tour operator of your site;
  • realization of tour operator activity outside the declared places of realization of such activity;
  • absence of signed labor contracts with the hired employees of the tour operator;
  • presence in the state of the tour operator less than 30% of workers having experience in the sphere of tourism, or education in the sphere of tourism;
  • absence from the head of the tour operator of the document on education or work experience in the field of tourism;
  • absence from the tour operator copy of the document confirming the financial security of the civil liability of the travel agent, implementing tourist services, formed by the tour operator;
  • absence of registration of compulsory (medical and accident insurance) contracts issued to tourists;
  • failure to submit a statistical report to the licensing authority by a tour operator;
  • inconsistency of the place of realization of tour operator activity with the requirements determined by the licensed requirements ***.
Passengers' rights in case of denial of carriage, cancellation or long delay of flights can be downloaded here.
* Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism"
** Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated November 11, 2015, No. 991 "On Approval of Licensing Conditions for the Implementation of Tour Operator's Activities"
*** Requirements for the place of realization of tour operator's activity
1. there is an information sign or information plate indicating the full name of the tour operator;
2. available office equipment and software, telephone facilities, Internet access
3. at the entrance to the places of realization of tour operator activities information on the mode of operation;
4. The following information is displayed on a prominent and accessible tourist site:
  • a copy of the document confirming the financial security of the tour operator's civil liability of tourists;
  • information about the manager, the deputy chiefs (if any) and the chief accountant of the tour operator and their telephone numbers (mobile phones, if any), the address - - the e-mail (if any);
  • book of reviews and offers of citizens;
  • Law of Ukraine "On Tourism";
  • Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Rights Protection";
  • Licensing conditions for realization of tour operator's activity;
  • location and telephone numbers of the Ministry of Economic Development, corresponding territorial body of the State Committee for Consumer Goods and Consumer Protection.