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14 April 2020

Taking this opportunity, the management of Dnepropetrovsk International Airport expresses its respect to you.
DIPROPETROVSK International Airport Limited Liability Company (hereinafter - MA "DIPROPETROVSK") carries out its activity on the basis and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and conducts its economic activity in order to satisfy the public needs for passenger, crew, baggage, crew, baggage cargo; ground and aircraft maintenance; aerodrome air traffic service; ensuring aviation safety and flight safety, for profit and for meeting the social and economic needs of the team through the systematic implementation of the above activities.
On March 11, 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution “On Prevention of the Acute COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Disease Caused by SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus” No.21, which from March 12, 2020 to April 24, 2020, was established throughout Ukraine. quarantine.
Also, the Government of Ukraine adopted the orders of March 14, 2020 № 287-р and of March 16, 2020 № 290-р, according to which the temporary closure from 00 h is provided. 00 minutes 03/17/2020 Checkpoints (Control Points) Crossing the State Border for International Passenger Rail, Air, Road (Bus) Connections, except for the Carriage of Persons for the Protection of National Interests or in Respect of International Obligations, and representatives of diplomatic missions and humanitarian missions.
In connection with this airline all scheduled and charter passenger flights from / to Dnepropetrovsk International Airport were canceled.
At the same time, MA "Dnipropetrovsk" can not completely stop the acceptance and maintenance of aircraft, as it is an important air transport hub and the only enterprise in the region that is able to provide public aviation and emergency services.
Thus, the Dnepropetrovsk International Airport continues to receive military helicopters evacuating wounded servicemen from the United States Operation Area to medical facilities in Dnipro, because only coordinated actions at all stages of evacuation provide early relief to the wounded.
Also, Dnepropetrovsk International Airport accepts airplanes that transport medical supplies to the region to fight coronavirus: medical supplies, medicines, personal protective equipment, and more.
Due to the above, our company is in a very difficult financial situation, but tries to take all measures to maintain the existing potential of the enterprise and retain highly qualified personnel.
Thus, we request the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to consider the possibility of providing financial assistance to the Limited Liability Company «Dnipropetrovsk International Airport».
General Director O. Didenko