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9 July 2019
At the International Airport "Dnepropetrovsk" met the Dnieper team in water skiing, which became the bronze medalist of the World Junior Championships in the team competition! Ukraine in the top three among the UK and Canada!
Our champions are pupils of the Sentosa water-skiing club:
Danil Filchenko - gold in figure skating on water skis, silver in ski jumping (61.3 m) and all-around, personal and world record in figure skating (11520 points);
Alexander Samoilov - bronze in figure skating and all-around, stunning personal records in slalom, figure skating, on the springboard and in the all-around;
Stanislav Prosvetova - top-4 in water skiing, top-6 in all-round, top-8 in springboard with two personal records;
Damir Filaretov - top-9 in figure skating on water skis, despite the fact that in the incomplete 14 years he struggled with 20-21-year-olds, personal records in the slalom and on the springboard.
For the first time in its history, the Ukrainian team won bronze medals at the World Championships in the team competition. The championship was held July 4-7 in Canada with the participation of more than 80 young artists from 21 countries.
Congratulations to the national team of Ukraine, and the coaching staff with a great success! You are the best!