11:15 /11.12.2019

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7 June 2019
On June 5, 2019, the leadership and headquarters for dealing with the aftermath of the accident at Dnepropetrovsk International Airport, with the involvement of civil protection forces, organized search and rescue operations to search for the Mi-8 helicopter that crashed, rescue and first aid injured. Practical exercises have been developed in accordance with the Plan of basic measures of civil protection and the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
The simulation site of a conditional plane crash was located in the area of ​​responsibility of the Dnipropetrovsk airfield, on the bank of the Dnieper River near the village of Sazhivka and on the island of Kodachok.
To search and rescue operation
the forces of the Main Directorate of the DSNS of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region, search and rescue aircraft, the Main Aviation Coordination Center for Search and Rescue, the Eastern Aviation Auxiliary Center for Search and Rescue and the Coordination Center for Search and Rescue of Civil Aviation, the Ukrainian Air Transport Center, the Dnipro Air Traffic Management Center of Ukraiseruh, controls and air traffic services at the airport "Dnepropetrovsk", doctors and other services.
At the final stage, the commission evaluated the organization of the management of the search and rescue forces and facilities and the completeness of the report and documentation.
“I want to note the clear and well-coordinated interaction of the Dnepropetrovsk airport and civil protection forces, professional actions to rescue people and search for the aircraft of the vessel. The level of the practical stage deserves a high mark, ”said the chairman of the commission, the deputy head of the department — the head of the flight support department of the aviation and search and rescue department of the Nikolai Yadchenko.
During the period of June 4-6, 2019, according to the Plan of the main measures of civil protection, the inspection of the International Airport Dnepropetrovsk lasted.