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6 June 2018
June 5, 2018, the administration of the International Airport "DNIPROPETROVSK", in conjunction with the leadership of the Main Directorate of the Civil Defense of Ukraine in the Dnipropetrovsk region, initiated, organized and conducted fire and tactical exercises on the organization of interaction and actions of operational services in the event of emergency events.
The purpose of the exercises was to determine the level of readiness of the management bodies, firefighters and specialized civil protection services to act in the event of a fire and to work out the procedure for attracting forces and means of diversified subordination to an operational response in the event of a fire at the site.
According to the tactical plan, a fire broke out in the luggage compartment of the airport, after which the administration at number "101" reports an emergency incident to the fire and rescue service and the fire-fighting forces of the facility conducts evacuation of the injured passengers from the premises.
In the time established by the standards, the first branches of rescuers arrive to the place of fire. An operational headquarters was deployed to coordinate the activities of all services for the liquidation of a contingency emergency. When performing rescue operations, the main attention was paid to working out the interaction of fire departments with airport services. Experience shows that when such emergencies arise, it is the coordinated actions of all necessary services that determine the salvation of passengers.
During the exercises, with the airport staff, additional briefings were held on the requirements of fire safety and clarified the order of priority actions in case of an ignition.
According to the head of the exercises, Sergey Vitalievich Krivorotchenko, the tasks set during the training were fulfilled. The exercises showed that the personnel of the international airport "DNIPROPETROVSK" is ready for action in the event of a fire. Employees of the terminal quickly organized the evacuation of people and their placement, clearly following the instructions in case of an outbreak. "Fire and rescue units demonstrated a well-coordinated work and readiness to eliminate the fire at the facility with a massive stay of people," he added.