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23 August 2017
The search and rescue operation service of the International Airport "Dnipropetrovsk" assisted in the refueling of the Ukrainian SSRFs with fuel and water to extinguish fires near the village of Dmitrovka, the Petropavlovsk region of the Dnipropetrovsk region and the Shevchenkivsky district of the city of Dnipro.
According to the SFRS of Ukraine, "On the territory of the Petropavlovsk Forestry, there was an ignition of forest litter and coniferous forest in an area of ​​about 55 hectares (25 hectares of horse)".
Fire aerial - two AN-32P planes and one MI-8MT helicopter was used to carry out air reconnaissance and fire elimination. Six PSAW discharges were carried out by the Aviation Authority, which allowed the localization of fire points and the removal of threats to settlements.
In the Shevchenko district of the city of Dnepr, raw materials burned on the territory of OOO Ekovtorma. Later, the fire spread to the administrative building and hangars, where there were 6 units of equipment and oxygen cylinders. In connection with the magnitude of the fire, an aircraft AN-32P was involved in the liquidation. They made 2 discharge of water to the plant, which allowed to bring down the high temperature of combustion and gave the opportunity to work on fire calculations on the ground.